Thursday, September 27, 2012

Look before you leap!

This article describes how the graphic “LOOK!” with a pair of rolling eyes have been installed in the intersections and crosswalks in New York City as well as part of advertisements on buses to remind drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists to be alert, as an attempt to reduce traffic deaths involving pedestrians and cyclists.

An excerpt from this article:
“In a busy city like New York, it’s often not easy to know which way to look. Inspired by the “look right, look left” signage on the streets of London and other cities, the new symbol consists of a single simple word––“LOOK!” The graphic turns the “O”s of the word into a pair of eyes, with the pupils positioned to the left or right to let pedestrians know exactly which way to look. New Yorkers are accustomed to glancing down as they walk, and on the pavement the graphic becomes a quick and intuitive cue, easily understood by pedestrians of all ages and languages. The signage is currently being applied to intersections throughout the city.”

Photo credit: Gnarly via Wikimedia Commons.

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