Friday, October 12, 2012

A Vest that Hugs!

This article describes a vest that Facebook users can wear, which gives users a hug whenever they receive a ‘like’ to their status updates on Facebook. The hug is simulated by the inflation of the vest. The users can also give a hug back to the sender by deflating the vest.

The perceived advantage of this vest is that it allows people to be close irrespective of physical boundaries.   

A few aspects to consider when converting this prototype to a product (Note that the integration with Facebook has not occurred yet):
  • Do users want to be hugged by everyone who likes their status updates or just a select few of their friends and family?
  • Do users want to be hugged for each and every status update that they do? That seems a little ridiculous. So, what should be the criteria? Perhaps users should have the flexibility to set this option.
  • Do users want to be hugged in all social settings?
  • Should users be hugged when they are performing critical tasks such as driving? The vest can be a source of distraction.

Photo credit: Enoc vt via Wikimedia Commons

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