Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What a Cool Thermostat!

Nest, a Silicon Valley startup company, has announced that they will be releasing their next generation thermostat later this month. More details about the thermostat can be found here.
Some of the ‘cool’ features of this thermostat from a human factors and ergonomics perspective include:

  • Sleek design: The new model is slimmer.
  • Adjustability via Apps: Through iPhone and Android apps, users can adjust the temperature settings even when they are away from their homes.
  • Automation support: If the thermostat detects that there are no individuals in the house (uses sensors to detect presence), it has the capability to adjust the temperature settings to reduce unnecessary heating and cooling. This way, users don’t have to remember to adjust the thermostat to conserve energy when going out.

Photo credit: grantsewell via Wikimedia Commons


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