Monday, February 4, 2013

Communicating with lamps

This article talks about how you can use lamps to stay connected with your loved ones.  The idea is that through lamps that are connected via a Wi-Fi sensor, family members can communicate with each other in an ambient way. For example, when you turn off the master lamp in your home in New York, your mother’s lamp, which is in her home in Iowa, is also switched off.  This can serve as an indication to your Mother that you are going to sleep. Besides family members, project teams that are located globally can also use this to indicate their availability.

Now, this appears delightful but what benefits does this provide users beyond texting, video chatting, Instant Messaging, and telephoning? With technology at our fingertips, do we really need a lamp to communicate with each other? Perhaps, we do. Perhaps these lamps touch our senses uniquely.

Photo Credit: G.dallorto via Wikimedia Commons

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