Thursday, January 23, 2014

Quantifying myself…

This is the age of the quantitated self.  Everyone is doing it and I wanted to try it as well.

I got a new Jawbone.  Worn around the wrist, this quantifier talks to my cellphone via Bluetooth and displays the number of steps I moved and the number of hours I slept on any given day.

I have never been a quantifier. I just exercise and have not felt the urge to measure. Further, I do yoga and kick-boxing regularly – both of which are difficult to quantify via steps. Given that, I did not see a real incentive in wearing a Jawbone. But I tried it on just to see whether it creates any behavioral modifications.

I have to admit that I did climb the stairs more and walked more when I wore it. I somehow wanted to please my Jawbone and get at least the 10,000 steps in. This was interesting because I wanted to please a non-living object. But was it really me that I was trying to please?

I was a bit annoyed that I had to take it off before a shower – that was now one additional thing that I had to remember to do. Further, I don’t normally wear jewelry or even a watch every day and having something around my wrist was a hindrance at first. I am warming up to this.

I have to admit that I took off my Jawbone before going on a vacation outside the States. I did not want to carry one additional thing that I had to charge. 

Now that I am back in the US, I have given my Jawbone another chance.

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